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3 Rockstar HR Teams that Improved their Benefits Experience with Decision Support

by Caroline Boyland September 28, 2022

Decision Support: The What and Why

“What is ‘benefits decision support’, and why do we need it?” This is a question we heard time and again at the HR Technology Conference & Expo this year. While we could go on (and on, and on) about how a decision support tool can improve your open enrollment processes for HR teams and employees alike, we thought we’d break it down in an easy to digest blog post.

Our goal is to help HR teams increase employee benefits engagement and participation, relieve the burden and challenges associated with benefits education, and ensure individual employees get the support and assistance they need to fully comprehend and understand the employee benefits that best suit them. That’s where our decision support tool comes in.

A decision support tool, as it pertains to benefits, is technology that helps educate employees on their options during the benefits enrollment process and provides recommendations as to which benefits are the best for their unique situation. This technology can not only provide employees with understanding and peace of mind, but also can improve benefits enrollment rates, save HR teams loads of time, and create cost-savings for everyone involved.

Sometimes, seeing is believing. Check out 3 ways that these rockstar HR teams improved their benefits experience by incorporating Nayya’s decision support technology.

Decision Support Success

1) Increased Employee Benefits Engagement During Open Enrollment & Voluntary Participation

“As a broker, we work with our clients to try and meet insurance carrier participation requirements and typically have trouble reaching 10% employee enrollment no matter how many presentations and Q&A sessions we provide. By spending just 10 minutes with Nayya, employees fully understood the necessity of these new benefits which led to over 40% enrollment in each new line of coverage. The results were incredible!” – Cameron Hyland, AVP, Account Executive – Employee Benefits at Woodruff Sawyer (Just Global’s broker partner)

Just Global is a B2B marketing agency that helps some of the world’s most impactful companies and influencers grow their brand– working with names such as Adobe, Whatsapp, and Xerox to name a few.

However, they had an issue when it came to getting employees to take full advantage of the benefits they offered to the team. They set lofty goals for engagement and participation. However, they struggled to achieve them because, for many employees, this was the first time they were signing up for benefits and they felt overwhelmed by the complexity and confusion that came from the open enrollment process.

Nayya helped simplify the process with our easy-to-navigate enrollment survey, where employees can easily follow along and complete their benefits enrollment in around 10 minutes. They get guidance and personalized benefit bundles, making it easier for them to understand what their benefits will cover and what voluntary benefits work best for their situation.

This approach boosted enrollment across the board, with 47% of their employees enrolling in critical illness insurance and 46% enrolling in accident insurance. Read their full story here.

2) Helps Reduce HR Stress and Workload

“Open Enrollment went very smoothly with Nayya – in fact, without Nayya there would have been a significant drop in education, benefits engagement and enrollment. And implementation was so fast, it was a seamless experience from purchase to onboarding – really making our lives a lot easier.” – Erin Salas, P&C HR Coordinator at Pegasus Senior Living.

Pegasus Senior Living is a Texas-based company that provides senior citizens with world-class assisted living, independent living, and memory care across the nation. However, when they came to Nayya, they were struggling to provide individual benefits support to a workforce with over 2,500 employees. HR was constantly getting calls from employees asking about benefits and faced pressure from admins. Since employees are always on the clock 24/7, they needed a solution that could help them deal with issues at any time of the day or night.

That’s when Pegasus Senior Living decided to team up with Nayya, and they purchased our decision support tool– which they called the “connective tissue” that enabled them to provide that 24/7 benefits support and guidance they needed for employees at an individual level. With Nayya’s help, HR was able to dramatically reduce the number of calls that came in because employees had all the info they needed right at their fingertips. Read their full story here.

3) Employees are More Confident in Their Benefits Decision

“Nayya offered way more functionality and represented more types of benefits than any other decision support tool that we looked at.” – Melissa Harvey, HR Benefits Specialist at Hilb Group

The Hilb Group is a company that provides insurance services to small and medium-sized companies. They came to Nayya because they were looking for an all-digital solution for benefits education and selection for their 500+ employees.

While the main goal was to increase participation, they really wanted a way to communicate the value employees get from enrolling in their newly added voluntary benefits options. When they purchased the decision support tool, it helped employees pick benefits and add-ons personalized to their needs and goals. With this guidance, employees were more confident in their choices and took full advantage of benefits such as HSA and FSA pre-tax savings accounts and enrolled in benefits options such as critical illness and pet insurance. Read their full story here.

Ready to learn more?

These are just a few of the ways that we’ve been able to help organizations that partner with Nayya. If you want to learn more about our decision support tool, check out our product page or contact us today for a demo!

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