Employees Struggle To Understand Their Benefits.

Nayya offers unmatched benefits navigation during enrollment, transforming the selection experience with data-driven guidance personalized on an individual level.

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Nayya is a decision support platform that offers personalized benefits recommendations to employees based on their financial, mental, and physical needs. During open enrollment, new hire onboarding, and qualifying life events, Nayya simplifies benefits selection and administration. Create a win-win for employees and HR teams alike.

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How it works

1. Getting to know you

When enrolling in benefits, employees enter a step-by-step questionnaire that gathers information about their family, lifestyle, habits, finances, and health history. The better we know you, the better the personalization.

2. What powers personalization

Nayya cross-references the results from the questionnaire with +200M claims, +6K networks, and +3B consumer data points, and suggests the right benefits for the right reasons.

3. One platform for all benefits

Offer decision support beyond just medical. Based on the employee’s unique needs, Nayya recommends a diverse range of benefits including voluntary, ancillary, point solutions, digital health, financial wellness, and more.

Nayya bundles these benefits into one easily digestible plan, and simultaneously estimates annual cost savings. 401(k) and HSA calculators let employees visualize how their investments can grow, better preparing them for unexpected expenses and retirement.

4. Unparalleled education

Employees can not only understand what benefits they should choose, but why they should choose them. What’s a 401K, and how much should you put in it? What’s the difference between HSA and FSA? Each employee get’s personalized education, coupled with real-life scenario planning, to empower confident decision-making.

5. Your life, your data

We truly understand how sensitive some of this information might be, that's why we're held to the highest standards in data privacy and security via our HIPAA, SOC 2 and other certifications. Anything you share with Nayya is entirely confidential.
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“In the past, open enrollment was always confusing and frustrating. The Nayya questionnaire took less than 10 minutes to complete. It was a simple, but powerful way for me to choose the right plans for myself and my family.”
Katie Johnson, Lab Technician

Katheryn Pigott

Vice President of People and Culture

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Nayya enabled us to significantly improve our benefits communication and employee support at the individual level. They were the connective tissue we needed to educate employees about their benefits at a large scale – all through their AI and platform – significantly reducing the workload of our HR team.

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