Billions of Benefits Dollars Go to Waste. It’s Time to Maximize Yours.

The majority of HR’s budget is spent on benefits, but many companies aren’t seeing even a 60% return on that investment. Nayya drives cost and time savings for employers, while simultaneously driving cost and time savings for employees.

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Make Every Benefits Dollar Count

Overspending on benefits has become the status quo. It shouldn’t be. Employers need a tool that helps employees select the plans that best match their unique health and financial needs. With Nayya, leading employers are putting an end to wasted benefits dollars.


of Americans are either over or under-insured.


of employees don’t understand their benefits, despite companies spending billions

UP TO 40%

of benefit dollars are wasted each year.

How We Do It

Nayya is a benefits experience platform that provides personalized decision support based on an employee’s mental, physical, and financial needs. Whether it’s open enrollment, qualifying life events, or onboarding a new hire, our step-by-step experience simplifies benefits selection and administration.

How we do it

Benefits Education & Decision Support

Every employee is unique and deserves to understand their benefits.

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How we do it

Year-Round Benefits Engagement

Nayya supports employees year-round to connect them with relevant benefits when they need them.

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It’s All About ROI


Saved on employer-paid premiums per year for every 5,000 employee users


Reduction in administrative questions relating to benefits


Saved per employee household

Katheryn Pigott

Vice President of People and Culture

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Nayya enabled us to significantly improve our benefits communication and employee support at the individual level. They were the connective tissue we needed to educate employees about their benefits at a large scale – all through their AI and platform – significantly reducing the workload of our HR team.

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See how the Nayya Platform Works

Nayya uses machine learning to power our personalized benefits recommendation engine.

Decision Support Survey

In less than 15 minutes, employees can complete Nayya’s short benefits questionnaire. By cross-referencing their survey with +200M claims, +6K networks, and +3B external consumer data points, Nayya leverages AI to suggest personalized recommendations based on an employee’s unique lifestyle, habits, finances, and health history. 45% Decrease in call center volume during open enrollment

Benefits Education

What’s an HSA? What’s a deductible? What does biweekly mean? These are common benefits questions that you and your team often hear. We’ve integrated benefits education throughout the Nayya experience. Education ranging from medical, to financial, wellness, and more, can empower your employees to make informed health and financial decisions. 2x Increase in Benefits and Healthcare Literacy.

Your Benefits Ecosystem

Nayya is the “Last Mile” of your comprehensive benefits strategy. We’re here to enrich, not replace, your existing approach — Nayya works in harmony with Employers, Brokers, Consultants, Carriers, Ben Admins, HCMs, and Digital Health Solutions, to provide employees with personalized decision support, education and more.

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Privacy Matters

We uphold the highest standards in data privacy, security, and accessibility by following SOC2, HIPAA, and CCPA compliance measures.

Data Security Audits
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Getting Started is Easy

Nayya provides an automated setup in 30, 60, or 90 days, a dedicated ROI team, and a white glove approach. You share your benefits plans, we do the rest.