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Transforming the Way Employees Choose Healthcare Benefits During Enrollment Through Personalization

by Christian Kunkel May 15, 2021

Big data and artificial intelligence have changed our everyday lives, from the way we shop to the way we drive and now even the way we choose our healthcare benefits. Artificial intelligence has allowed companies of all sizes to create and scale systems that analyze big data in a way that produces actionable insights. Using these insights to personalize and tailor the customer experience. COVID-19 has drastically changed the entire marketplace and has sparked a new drive for innovation across all industries.

Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Decreases Healthcare Benefits Confusion

81% of American consumers find the insurance picking process to be very stressful, leading healthcare costs to be the number 1 financial concern among employees.

Unlike other decision support solutions, Nayya’s Choose product is built on personalization. From the very start of the enrollment process, we put your employees at ease through a simple and guided process. Nayya will ask your employees questions about their family, lifestyle, past healthcare expenditures and future expenses. Personalizing the experience and gathering key insights to make better benefit recommendations.

Throughout the process, Nayya will offer tips about spending and lifestyle habits depending on the information inputted by the employee. Nayya uses artificial intelligence to learn more about the consumer throughout their selection journey and intelligently breaks down the information to make it digestible and engaging. Helping your employees feel confident about their choices and decisions while at the same time, decreasing the burden of questions for HR professionals during open enrollment.

Using Data to Personalize Healthcare Decisions

With over 3 billion external data points and 200 million rows of analyzed claims data, Nayya is able to provide a personalized healthcare experience. While learning about the consumer, Nayya is able to spotlight pertinent information about their lifestyle, and uses this information to give clarity on what these recommendations mean for the consumer.

Before recommending an employee to enroll in additional coverage, Nayya will breakdown why that type of insurance is needed based on their lifestyle. For example, if you had an employee that lived in a metro area and rode a bicycle to work everyday – they might be more likely to be injured as a result and would require accidental insurance to cover any unexpected medical bills.

That’s why personalization is so important in the decision support experience – making sure that your employees understand the type of benefits you offer and which ones make sense for them.

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