Nayya offers Americans peace and confidence when making health, insurance, and finance decisions.

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financial concern for employees in the United States is healthcare costs.

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working Americans overpay for their health due to benefits mismanagement.


million Americans are left feeling confused and unprotected in the world of insurance.


of consumers find the process of picking insurance to be very stressful.

Our Reason for Being

The consumer challenge of Americans selecting the wrong insurance plans has reached an apex. Trained statisticians, the best performing group of plan selectors, pick the optimized health plan for their families just 40% of the time. 81% of consumers find the process of picking insurance “very stressful." When it comes to paying for health and well-being, we believe in predictability for those who need it, and savings for those who don't.

Picking plans is only the beginning. Paying for care is hard too. 41% of Americans have issues paying major medical bills, which now drive 62% of all personal bankruptcies. Making the right plan choices and using data transparency to put dollars back into the household all year long has never been more important.

It is a truth we’re committed to telling a billion times.

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