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Open Enrollment

Why Does Insurance Have to Be So Confusing?

by Nayya November 17, 2021

The Problem with Open Enrollment

Most businesses spend a lot of time and resources investigating health care options for their employees. Stakeholders throughout the company study the benefits landscape, weigh the available offerings, and may take months to determine which choices make sense for their team.

But employees may not have the same degree of clarity when examining their health care choices. According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), a recent survey of American workers revealed that:

  • More than 40% of employees find the open enrollment process “extremely confusing.”
  • Almost half describe choosing their health insurance as “very stressful.”
  • About one in five (20%) regret the choices they ultimately make.

Sound familiar? Even when we get a range of insurance options, we can end up frustrated and befuddled. Why are some benefits so much more expensive than others? What coverage do we really need? How will we know when we’ve made the right decision?

Time for a Change

Traditional enrollment processes aren’t getting the job done for most of us. Voya found that 35% of workers report not understanding their current benefits, and that percentage jumps to 54% among Millennials.

Two-thirds of us aren’t happy with the information we get at open enrollment because we want information about our benefits all year round. Again, among younger workers, this figure skyrockets to 78%.

Most of us would rather get info about insurance options electronically, but many employers still try those one-size-fits-all benefit meetings and a stack of confusing handouts and spreadsheets. How can you know which plan is right for you?

Worry about Your Health, Not Your Health Insurance

There is a way to show confusion the door. You can take control of your health insurance decisions. That’s right, you can deduce the right deductible, be a co-pay crackerjack . . . become a wizard of wellness. Meet your best friend for benefits: Nayya.

Nayya takes the guesswork out of insurance decision-making by walking you through every step of your health care options. With an innovative, customer-first approach, it can leverage the insights it has developed using more than 3 billion data points to help you make the right decision for your unique circumstances.

Each question on the platform will show you which aspects of your life and lifestyle factor into your options, and how they all contribute to forming the best benefits solution for you. Once you have completed the online questionnaire, you’ll know all your options. You’ll know all their costs. And you’ll know which plan makes sense for you—and why.

The Smartest Benefits Manager in the World

No matter how hard the human resources team tries, they can’t know every detail of every employee’s life or predict with absolute confidence which plan is right for you—they’re only human.

But Nayya can use its powerful artificial intelligence to weigh details of the experience of all its customers. Even though your life and needs are unique, there are bound to be plenty of commonalities. Nayya can see what worked for them—and show you what will work for you.

Nayya’s secure, personalized approach will show you all your benefit options, steer you toward a plan that makes sense for you, and helps you to feel confident you have made the right decision. No more post-enrollment regret or FOMO for you!

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