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What Employees Want and Deserve From Their Benefits

by Taryn Anderson November 10, 2021

It doesn’t matter whether you’re excited (and maybe a bit nervous?) about starting a new job, or if you’ve been part of the team for a while now. When the annual email with all that benefit selection information shows up in your inbox, you probably don’t rush to open the attachments.

In fact, most people wait until the tail end of the open enrollment period to check out the options and make selections. Why? Because let’s face it: it’s hard to get excited about making these major decisions when there’s so much uncertainty about which options are best.

These are supposed to be benefits, right?

Indeed, they are. But with five generations of Americans currently in the workforce, the sheer number of options your employer offers can leave you feeling under-informed and overwhelmed.

At Nayya, we know that happy consumers are informed and confident, and a consumer is exactly what you are when you’re selecting employee healthcare benefits. That’s why we leverage data to simplify the benefits selection process. What we offer you is the personalization, attention, and confidence that make your benefits package feel as beneficial as it actually is.

Personalization for employee benefits

If Amazon, Netflix, and Mint can bring personalization to commerce, media, and financial services, why can’t we see healthcare move in the same direction? Well, we can and Nayya is doing just that. We know that the only data that matters is the data that helps you determine what’s best—not overall or for everybody else—but for you.

We appreciate that sharing personal information can be uncomfortable. But we also know that healthcare coverage is confusing, and that lifestyle, health, and financial information can make the difference between a choice that’s reasonable and one that fits who you are and your lifestyle.

##Guided benefits enrollment support Your health is important, but your employer may not be able to provide you with the amount of personal attention you need to support the choices you make about healthcare coverage during the enrollment process.

Nayya will engage you through an interactive survey about your health, family, lifestyle, financial profile, and more. Our process guides you through enrollment, starting with identifying and understanding your unique needs in order to give you data-driven personalized recommendations to protect both your health and your financial well-being. And best of all, this survey usually takes less than ten minutes!

Renewed confidence in your benefits

Once you know that the healthcare selections you’re making aren’t off-the-rack, wishful thinking, or a shot in the dark, you’ll feel much more confident. Nayya’s recommendations for you are just that, for you.

And the financial education we offer when we break down plans and benefits by cost in a transparent way means you’ll understand the financial impact each option represents. That’s why 75% of our customers accept the recommendations we provide them. And if something changes? We’ll be there at the next open enrollment to support your decisions then too.

Learn more about how Nayya can help you get exactly what you want and need from your employee benefits.

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