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Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment: Help Employees Make Smarter Decisions

by Taryn Anderson October 14, 2021

Decisions, decisions. Sometimes the hardest part of making a choice isn’t figuring out what to choose but figuring out how to figure out what to choose. In other words, the decision-making process has a huge impact on the choices we ultimately make.

At Nayya, we understand that health insurance isn’t everyone’s area of expertise. That’s why most employees benefit from real decision support to make the choices that are best suited to their unique needs.

That’s where you come in.

The most successful (and appreciated!) Human Resources professionals are those who can help their team members navigate the enrollment process in a way that leads them to options that serve them well. These pros know what decision support is—and what it isn’t.

And that’s where we come in.

Nayya has revolutionized what decision support should look like for your employees.

What benefits decision support isn’t…

Too much information

While information is key to making good decisions, there’s a fine line between feeling fully informed and overloaded. When it comes to sharing info, more isn’t necessarily better, and quality is definitely more important than quantity.

Snazzy websites and apps

We all love apps and websites with style. However, technology needs to do more than just look good. Insurance and benefits portals are becoming more visually aesthetic, but that doesn’t mean they produce the best recommendations.

One size fits all?

They say insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. We think it’s just as crazy to put extraordinarily diverse information into a system and get the same results again and again. Your employees have radically different lifestyles, priorities, and attributes. Shouldn’t we be able to expect that those unique and personal details are reflected in the health insurance coverage recommendations we give our employees?

But there is a better solution…

What Nayya’s reinvented decision support is…

The right information

Huge data dumps don’t help anyone unless the information that is gathered can be sorted and personalized. That’s what we’re good at. We take over 3 billion consumer data points, a broad network of medical carrier integrations, and over 200 million claims and distill the information that will identify the best choices for your employees. The information we factor in isn’t based on some outdated table or average – and it actually provides your employees with relevant data-driven insights that personalize the entire enrollment experience.

Technology that simplifies the experience

We know our product is revolutionary and not like anything else out there in the market today. And we know that when it comes to health insurance, a shiny website alone doesn’t give your employees the confidence and security they’re looking for. We think the technology that works to benefit people is by far the coolest. That’s why we not only leverage data science to identify the best choices, we use simple language to explain why one option is better than another – increasing education, enablement, and engagement.

A perfect fit

You’ve worked hard to develop a broad range of options so that all your employees can enroll in a health insurance plan that fits their individual needs and priorities. Nayya matches your options to your individual team members and empowers them to choose something they know is fully customized. Coverage is individually tailored, not off the rack.

Ready to learn more about how Nayya can help you help the people you count on? We thought you might be!

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