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SHRM: Is Outdated Tech Undermining Your Benefits Strategy?

by Nayya Marketing January 26, 2023

Our technology was featured in an article from the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) this week! Check out a highlight from the article below:

"Human resource leaders are investing more time than ever in designing benefits strategies to help attract and retain employees in a hyper-competitive hiring climate. But experts say the impact of offering new or enhanced benefits is undermined if employees are routinely frustrated or confused when choosing or using benefits packages—outcomes commonly caused by outdated or cumbersome benefits administration technology systems.

New York City-based platform Nayya uses AI to drive personalized benefits recommendations based on an employee's health history, finances, family makeup, life stage and other factors. The platform cross-references data from benefits claims, external consumer information and other sources to help make those recommendations. Nayya also uses proactive communication tools and automated e-mail nudges to help companies boost their open enrollment participation rates."

Thank you to Dave Zielinski and the team at SHRM for featuring Nayya in their recent post! Read the rest of the article, here.

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