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Nayya Named Hot Company to Watch in 2023

by Nayya Marketing December 6, 2022

NEW YORK, December 6th, 2022 -- Nayya Health, Inc. ("Nayya"), a leading benefits experience and healthcare management platform, was named this week to 'Hot Companies to Watch in 2023,' by Nucleus Research.

Nayya, a benefits decision support platform, is driving change across the benefits industry by reinventing the way that employees choose their benefits. Nayya provides personalized benefits recommendations to employees based on their unique physical, mental, and financial needs. These intelligent recommendations empower employees with the education and confidence to choose the plans that best fit the needs of themselves and their families.

Historically, employees have selected their benefits with little-to-no confidence. Research shows that without decision support technology, 63% of employees feel “unconfident” when selecting plans. The benefits that employees choose during enrollment have direct health and financial implications throughout the year. In the wake of a global pandemic, rising inflation, and other socio-economic challenges, the ability to make better benefits decisions can result in countless positive outcomes for employees and HR teams alike.

Nucleus reported that “all vendors featured as this year’s Hot Companies are positioned for sustained success in the coming year as they continue to drive value for their customers and amass net-new business amid economic uncertainty."

To learn more about Nayya, you can read more here. Or, click here to read the report from Nucleus.

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