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Protecting Policyholders: MetLife Supplemental Health becomes Delivered by Nayya Claims

by Nayya Marketing April 11, 2024

Today, Nayya is proud to announce that Nayya Claims will enable MetLife Connected Benefits across its supplemental health products. Nayya Claims maximizes the impact of supplemental health insurance for consumers by harnessing and enriching medical claims data to automate the identification and initiation of claims. This expanded relationship represents a significant expansion of MetLife Connected Benefits capabilities and is set to transform how millions of employees experience their benefits.

Voluntary benefit products play a critical role in consumers' wellbeing in the United States due to rising costs and coverage gaps in major medical insurance. To realize the value of their supplemental coverage, however, consumers are required to initiate and manage claims processes on their own. This means during medical events, they need to remember relevant policies, gather information from medical professionals, and deeply understand their coverage in order to appropriately file claims and receive any reimbursement. Moreover, MetLife’s new research found 62% of employees are not completely confident they know about all benefits offered to them, which can result in lower benefit utilization and satisfaction*.

Sina Chehrazi, CEO of Nayya, emphasizes the critical role of claims integration capabilities in today's benefits landscape: “It is always inspiring - in any industry - when a market leader seeks to improve the status quo. We are thrilled to support and work closely with MetLife on its commitment to meaningfully invest in delivering an enhanced benefit experience to meet the rising expectations and evolving needs of today’s employers and their workforces. Medical claims integrations are critical to bringing voluntary benefits experiences up to the standards that employees and their families deserve. Nayya Claims is a product that consultants and employers are turning to in order to help their customers and employees make the most of their benefits.”

Adds Sharon Cunninghis, Chief Growth Officer of Nayya, “As a leader at one of the world’s largest consulting firms for many years, this was the type of solution we dreamed about for our clients. While extremely complex to develop on the back-end with a high degree of fidelity, the front-end experience for the user is everything it should be: simple, proactive, and empathetic.”

The industry attempted to make progress with medical claims processing in recent years, but has struggled to deliver a product that meaningfully impacts loss ratios, satisfies consumer needs, and delivers the necessary security. Nayya Claims is taking a differentiated approach that prioritizes the following critical capabilities:

  • Consumer Experience: Advanced data mapping and enrichment to remove friction through automation more often.
  • Efficiency + Accuracy: Sophisticated algorithms and models that synthesize complex logic in order to streamline carrier processes.
  • Privacy + Flexibility: Easily embeddable and dynamic consent-based workflows that operate under HIPAA and with the best interest of the consumer.

This technology enables Nayya to eliminate the need for employees to own the end-to-end management of their claims, instead creating experiences where claims opportunities for benefits such as accident, critical illness, and hospital indemnity plans are automatically identified and initiated when they are needed. Nayya Claims can even identify scenarios where existing policies should be enhanced, for example offering additional covered dental cleanings for employees during a pregnancy or if they have been diagnosed with conditions like diabetes.

These seamless benefits experiences are key for both employees and the employers that offer them. In recent years in particular, employers have been prioritizing employee wellness and enhancements to employee benefits offerings. Even with these investments, employee satisfaction with benefits reached its lowest point in the last decade in 2023**.

“Comprehension and utilization are critical parts of the employee’s benefit experience, in fact using and having a great experience drives increases in individual’s holistic health," said Bradd Chignoli, Senior Vice President of National Accounts & Financial Wellness at MetLife. “We are thrilled to continue our work with Nayya to deliver groundbreaking technology that simplifies the claims process while empowering employees to maximize the value of their benefits, leading them to feel more cared for and confident in the packages offered through their employers.”

The enhanced Connected Benefits experiences through Nayya Claims is available to MetLife clients today. For more information, please visit


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