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Aflac Partners with Nayya to Make Supplemental Health Claims Payments Frictionless for their Customers

by Nayya Marketing May 23, 2024

Today, Aflac announced a strategic partnership with Nayya that will fundamentally improve how employees access their supplemental health benefits. Nayya will power supplemental health claims integration to employers within Aflac’s industry-leading group benefits business, reducing the complexity and time associated with claims filing. Aflac has had a brand commitment to providing coverage that pays cash benefits with speed and accuracy. A robust, proactive medical claims integration solution is a natural extension of the firm’s long-standing values.

At a time when medical cost benefits are surging, deductibles are climbing at a similar rate. Yet, research shows that 20-30% of supplemental health policies lapse after the first year**, often because customers don’t see the value in their coverage. Medical loss ratios can be similarly low. These challenges are in large part caused by confusing and/or reactive claims processes, resulting in employee populations that are underprotected from the financial impact of adverse events like accidents, critical illnesses, and hospitalizations. By partnering with Nayya Claims, Aflac is eliminating the burden of employees needing to identify and submit claims in the midst of an eligible medical event. The Nayya Claims Platform enables Aflac to offer employees automatic claims-filing by mapping medical claims data to supplemental health policies, and providing Aflac with a consistent stream of claims opportunities to process for leading employers across the United States.

Nayya Claims enables automated claims decisions using a robust data warehouse and cutting edge pharmacy and medical claim enrichment methodologies. Nayya’s algorithms constantly review medical claims data looking for supplemental health claims opportunities which are filed on behalf of the employee. Once reviewed and approved by Aflac, the employee receives payment seamlessly. Nayya Claims is the fastest-growing claims technology in the supplemental health insurance industry.

To learn more about our new partnership, read the full press release here.

** Eastbridge Consulting, 2023

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