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LifeWorks Partners with Nayya to Improve Benefits Enrollment Experience for Employees Throughout the U.S.

by Nayya Marketing May 26, 2022

Nayya’s step-by-step benefits decision support will be integrated into the LifeWorks benefits administration platform to empower Americans to select the right benefits for their health and financial wellness.

New York and Chicago– May 26th, 2022 LifeWorks, a leading provider of benefits administration solutions and comprehensive mental health, digital, and in-person total wellbeing solutions, today announced a partnership to integrate Nayya’s leading benefits experience and healthcare management solution into its benefits administration platform. This partnership demonstrates the companies’ shared commitment and desire to transform the benefits experience for Americans. Through the partnership, LifeWorks will offer Nayya’s Choose & Use product suites on its leading benefits administration platform, transforming the benefits experience for millions of employees throughout the U.S, with personalized navigation of their benefits programs and step-by-step decision support.

The American employee is at a crossroads: In the wake of the pandemic, rising inflation, skyrocketing healthcare costs, and soaring medical and personal debt, employees are struggling to maintain their day-to-day finances while providing for themselves and their families. The complexity associated with choosing the proper benefits or healthcare plan confuses even the most engaged consumer. This new partnership simplifies the process every employee faces when choosing benefits, bringing much needed context and clarity to empower better decisions. Never has benefits selection been more important: The LifeWorks and Nayya integration will lower costs for consumers while improving their mental, physical, social and financial wellbeing.

“LifeWorks is on a mission to help employees make decisions that will lead them to live healthier, happier and more productive lives,” said Bradley Fusco, Vice President & US Region Leader at LifeWorks. “The LifeWorks team is proud to work with Nayya to help provide a more personalized, innovative and integrated benefits experience that will help millions of Americans have more confidence in their financial decisions. This partnership helps by taking the guesswork out of the benefits enrollment process and provides tools for them to make the most of the benefits programs their employer offers.”

Powered by billions of data points and machine learning, Nayya’s benefits experience platform empowers employees with the tools, visibility, and confidence to use benefits to their advantage all year round. The integration delivers step-by-step decision support and guidance during open enrollment, new employee onboarding, and qualifying life events Together, LifeWorks and Nayya will further empower employers to take a personalized approach when helping their employees make claim-informed decisions about their healthcare to choose the right benefits packages for their personal circumstances and lifestyles – ultimately driving increased participation and a more beneficial approach when it comes to the selection process.

“Nayya is thrilled to be partnering with LifeWorks to help millions of Americans improve their health and financial wellness,” said Sina Chehrazi, CEO and co-founder of Nayya. “It is a tragic reality that choosing benefits is so confounding and complicated as it is one of the most important financial decisions that Americans make each year. Together, we hope to give LifeWorks’ clients financial peace on their best days and confidence on their difficult ones.”

About LifeWorks LifeWorks is a world leader in providing digital and in-person solutions that support the total wellbeing of individuals. We deliver a personalized continuum of care that helps our clients improve the lives of their people and by doing so, improve their business.

About Nayya At Nayya, we believe there’s a better way to choose and use benefits: A more transparent, less confusing way for employees to control their health and financial potential. Powered by billions of data points and machine learning, our benefits experience platform delivers personalized decision support and guidance during open enrollment, new employee onboarding, qualifying life events, and in the moments that matter all year round. This is one of the most stressful and challenging situations consumers face – and we see that as an opportunity to build an innovative response that can help millions of Americans gain the control and understanding they deserve. Join the consumers and their employers that are now living with more peace and confidence at Nayya.com.

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