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Leverage Data and Artificial Intelligence to Boost Benefits Engagement and Education

by Christian Kunkel May 5, 2021

Over 200 million Americans are left feeling confused and unprotected in the insurance world after they choose their benefits. Choosing benefits is hard enough and when you don’t know how to use them, it can lead to overpayment and misuse. The number 1 financial concern for employees ends up being healthcare costs.

Implementing data and artificial intelligence into our everyday lives can help improve our lifestyle habits such as spending and healthcare usage. Using data and artificial intelligence, Nayya is able to transform the way people engage with benefits every single day of the year. And Nayya is here to help. With over 3 billion data points and 200 million rows of analyzed claims data, Nayya is able to provide a personalized healthcare experience.

Take the Guesswork out of Using Benefits with Nayya’s Dashboard

After enrollment, employees will have access to their own personalized dashboard which holds all the plan information they may need. Using the Dashboard, employees are able to locate services such as pharmacies and doctors that are covered by their insurance plan. Nayya uses data from previous claims and usage to get the most reliable information about costs so consumers can get the best coverage while saving money. Consumers will never have to guess how much they’ve been spending because the dashboard provides updates on spending throughout the year and will even give proactive recommendations and reminders for savings.

Increasing Benefits Engagement and Prescriptions Savings with Nayya

On average, consumers will spend 1,200 dollars a year on prescription drugs. Most people are unaware that there are opportunities to save on prescriptions using coupons and by being strategic about which brand/pharmacy you are choosing. With Nayya, it will do it all for you. Nayya will find any coupons for your pharmacy or brand of medication and will populate them into your dashboard. You will then be able to get an alert any time there is a price change for your prescription. Additionally, Nayya leverages relationships with over 60K pharmacies across the country to alert you if there is a pharmacy that will offer your prescription at a cheaper price. Nayya increases engagement by providing consumers with updates and reminders about when to visit their mental health professionals, pick up their prescription, and get their flu shot.

Increase Transparency with Filing Claims and Reimbursements

Consumers may waste money throughout the year by forgetting to file or incorrectly filing claims for reimbursement on medical expenses. Nayya uses real-time auditing to ensure consumers will not be overspending and will remind consumers when the best time is to file. Nayya will help consumers every step of the way by walking them through the filing process. With Nayya, consumers will demystify claims and will be sure they will never spend more than they need to.

Nayya’s dashboard provides an engaging and innovative solution to benefit usage for employers. With Nayya, voluntary benefits participation has increased by 35% and will save employees over 1,200 per year. Schedule a demo with Nayya today to learn how you can transform the benefits experience.

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