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HR Tech 2022: What to Know Before You Go

by Nayya Marketing September 6, 2022

The 2022 HR Tech Conference

Football season may be kicking off this week, but in the world of HR, the Superbowl of Conferences kicks off next week!

HR Tech is being held from September 13 to 16 at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. The world’s leading HR innovation conference brings together HR and IT professionals from businesses across sectors from all over the world. This is the event for anyone interested in how technology is reshaping and redefining HR. Exhibitors will be showcasing cutting edge technology, panelists and presenters will be introducing new strategies, and you can bet that Team Nayya will be there doing a little bit of everything.

Why Attend HR Tech 2022?

As always, this year’s HR Tech will provide impactful insights that will help you make crucial system decisions in HR to fuel your business growth. One of the unique advantages of the conference is that it’s curated by industry veterans, renowned program chairs, and experts from the premier HR publication focused on strategic issues in the domain, Human Resource Executive®.

Hosting the largest HR tech marketplace in the world, the event will showcase thousands of products from reputed firms. From established market leaders to startups in HR technology, everyone pioneering the use of technology in HR will be there under one roof.

With detailed demos of technology applications and how they can be used in various aspects of HR management, HR Tech promises a wealth of knowledge for its attendees. Participants can test the potential of HR solutions by comparing them with others while getting real-time responses from the vendors.

What to expect at HR Tech 2022

Wondering whether you should attend the most important conference on the HR technology calendar? Here’s how you’ll benefit from this year’s conference.

Explore the biggest marketplace in HR technology

Here’s where you’ll find the latest technology for all facets of HR. You don’t have to spend months researching various suppliers and comparing their products. You can find them all here and compare them, which will help you make the right decision for your organization.

Engage with thought leaders in the industry

Want to hear from leading voices on the future of HR? The conference gives you direct access to thought leaders including Jason Averbook, Josh Bersin, Madeline Laurano, and Stacey Harris, who’re annual participants. You can participate in discussions and ask them questions about the factors shaping the industry.

Gain actionable insights into real-world situations

While there are plenty of exclusive research findings, HR Tech isn’t only about academic discussions. The conference is designed to give you insights and solutions that you can implement in your organizations. Whether it’s about acquiring and retaining the right talent or the challenges in upskilling and reskilling, the event will give you valuable tools to help your organization succeed.

Network with industry innovators

If cutting-edge technology, research insights, actionable solutions, and access to thought leaders aren’t enough, how about this? HR Tech is known as the town hall meeting of the industry. Leading innovators in HR technology will all be there, giving you a rare chance to meet them in person.

Learn about women in HR technology

Technological solutions can make organizations more inclusive and create credible pathways for women to grow. HR Tech has exclusive sessions exploring leadership opportunities for women, which will help you foster greater belonging in your organization.

The HR Tech Expo

The HR Tech Expo is where you need to be to discover the latest solutions in HR technology. Whether you’re planning to choose, upgrade, or replace your current tech stack, the conference offers you a unique opportunity to discover the best products from reputed firms and the hottest startups in the domain.

Looking for tools for seamless acquisition and retention of talent or searching for solutions for greater employee engagement? It will all be there. You’ll even discover solutions that you didn’t know that you needed. From industry leaders to upstart innovators, tech firms will showcase products that you can compare side-by-side.

What you’ll discover at the Nayya booth

At the Nayya booth, you’ll gain firsthand experience of how Nayya can help you create a better benefits experience. We believe employees should have a more transparent and less confusing way to control their health and financial potential.

For HR teams, communicating, educating, and enabling employees on all things benefits is a universal challenge. At the Nayya booth, you can learn about a benefits decision support platform that can check all the boxes. Visit booth 6400 to understand how Nayya can help you drive:

  • Participation
  • Cost Savings
  • Education
  • Time Savings
  • Plan Optimization
  • Effortless Implementation

Nayya, ADP, and USI Panel

Don't forget to stop by our session on Thursday afternoon: Forging a Path to Help Millions Make Smarter, More Informed Benefit and Financial Decisions. We're teaming up with ADP and USI to bring you a panel discussion where you'll learn:

  • What a better benefits experience looks and feels like in 2022 and beyond.
  • How to properly evaluate solutions that support technology.
  • How to leverage benefits to deliver ROI for HR and employees alike.

See you there!

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