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Open Enrollment

How to Leverage New Tech to Transform Your Next Open Enrollment

by Dana Borrero October 26, 2021

Technology continues to offer positive innovation not just in what we can do, but in how we do what we can do. Our ability to harness and analyze more data than ever before is enabling us to change how we make decisions. And by far the biggest evolution we’re seeing is the ability to bring more customization and personalization to almost every facet of life. Data science means data-conscious solutions. Companies like Amazon, Netflix, Mint have figured out how to leverage technology to their advantage and their customers’ benefit.

Bridge the gap with data science and AI

While it might be easy to leave off-the-rack approaches behind in commerce, entertainment, and advertising, healthcare and insurance sectors have lagged behind in leveraging the technology that’s now available. All the data about healthcare is out there, but not everyone knows how to make use of it. And that’s understandable.

It isn’t easy to make sense of over 3 billion data points or 200 million rows of health insurance claims. It’s a challenge to take all that data and use it to determine which options in a benefits package really are the best for a particular employee. But it is possible and measurably beneficial to both employers and employees, especially when open enrollment rolls around.

There are questions, and then there are questions. HR professionals have the answers when people ask, “What’s the difference between an HSA and an FSA?” But you don’t necessarily have the bandwidth to fully investigate all your employees’ specific concerns about coverage, especially those that are highly influenced by a person’s health, family, and financial wellness. You know, those aspects of someone’s life you really can’t—and shouldn’t—ask them about.

Nayya offers your employees a simple way to factor those things into their benefits selections. That’s how we can give the members of your team answers to more detailed and personal questions like, “What’s the best healthcare plan for a family with a child who has Type 1 diabetes?”

Don’t miss out on innovative technology that makes a difference

Technology can give us not only more, but better information—information that produces actionable insights. Innovation is now a key differentiator in almost every business sector. Nayya is making the most of a shift in consumer behavior and attitudes when it comes to healthcare. Today, your employees are more likely than ever to use new technology to refill their prescriptions instead of visiting a pharmacy in person. They are also much more comfortable with sharing their own health and financial information if they believe doing so will benefit them.

Our recommendations make a difference because Nayya harnesses big data to add value to every aspect of your company’s benefits experience. And we do it with a privacy-forward approach that meets SOC 2 standards and is HIPAA compliant so that we protect everyone involved.

The benefits are clear with Nayya

With Nayya, your employees will:

  • Be guided through the enrollment process in an average of eight to ten minutes
  • Receive hyper-personalized recommendations which best match their needs and priorities
  • Save money during enrollment and throughout the year
  • Enjoy increased confidence in their selections

But companies also benefit. With Nayya, you will:

  • Significantly reduce benefits-related HR questions
  • Increase benefits participation and engagement
  • Increase new plan adoption through education and enablement
  • Know that your employees are genuinely benefitting from what you offer them

To find out how Nayya can make sure your HR Department will never suffer from FOMO when it comes to open enrollment, schedule a demo today!

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