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Webinar On Demand: Enrollment Bootcamp

by Nayya Marketing August 9, 2022

Guardian, Nayya, and Flock Team Up for Enrollment Bootcamp

Our very own Chief Marketing Officer, Dan Murdoch, joined Guardian Life’s Gene Lanzoni & Jeffery Klas, alongside Flock’s Mike Byrne in a webinar to talk about employee benefits enrollment. There’s no doubt that selecting benefits is one of the most important financial decisions workers make every year– however, trends are showing that people might not be moving in the right direction.

At the core of the problem, choosing and understanding benefits is a complex and confusing process for most employees. From understanding benefits jargon like deductibles, co-pays, in-networks, out-of-networks, what’s covered, what’s not covered, voluntary plans, and more, to the lack of comprehensive education behind their decision-making, it makes the selection process extremely difficult.

Although many employees may believe they have a good grasp on what different packages offer and how they benefit the individual, studies by Guardian Life found that the average working adult scored a C- when quizzed on the subject of benefits enrollment.

So, what’s the solution? Data-driven support and advancements in technology can improve enrollment, make the process seamless, and get people the information they need to make the best benefits decision for their health and financial wellness.

Flock + Nayya

The first thing employers need to tackle is taking the complexity and confusion from benefit selection for employees. That’s where the integration between Flock and Nayya comes in. Nayya’s AI-powered solution creates a user-friendly benefits experience for Flock employees. Using Nayya, employees can fill out their personal information through a short survey and Nayya’s decision support technology will look at the data and present them with the best package recommendations tailored specifically for their needs and goals.

The Power of Guardian APIs

Through the power of APIs, Guardian not only simplifies the enrollment process but increases efficiency and makes for a better overall experience for everyone involved. Here are some of the key benefits of API integration for organizations:

  • It takes policy creation and implementation from 6 to 12 weeks down to roughly 12 minutes. This saves HR hundreds of hours and decreases human-made errors.
  • It provides instant, real-time data and updates. It also lowers billing and payroll discrepancies, saving the company money and time.
  • Coverage determinations are immediate.
  • It provides an 85% increase in employee satisfaction and completion rates.
  • It removes challenges surrounding post-enrollment access to care.

How to Navigate Developing & Upgrading Enrollment Technology

The bootcamp laid out 6 tips to help organizations navigate the complex landscape of enrollment tech:

  1. Clearly establish company goals and objectives
  2. Work closely with your benefits broker
  3. Understand what benefits and services you need specifically for your organization
  4. Figure out what in-house resources are available and required
  5. Learn your cost structure
  6. Carefully choose the right carrier partner

What it comes down to is that technology can be the answer to the challenges surrounding benefits enrollment for both employers and employees. This is one webinar you won't want to miss.

Check out the full webinar here.

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