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A Healthcare Organization's Guide to Benefits Education

by Caroline Boyland June 3, 2022

If you work at a hospital, clinic, walk-in, assisted living facility, nursing homes, or any other type of healthcare organization, this one’s for you. Despite the unique patients and conditions treated at your facilities, one thing rings true across all healthcare organizations: no one understands the importance of health and wellness more than you.

Another thing healthcare systems have in common? Unique challenges associated with onboarding and employee benefits. Distributed workforces, weekly employee onboarding, frequent mergers and acquisitions, and tight in-network regulations make benefits education and communication time consuming and challenging.

Time to get real

To think about this in a real-world context, let’s consider a hospital. Many hospitals operate across large campuses, with various buildings and wings responsible for a range of procedures and care. Employees of the hospital can range from doctors, to nurses, to X-ray technicians, surgeons, anesthesiologists, secretaries, cafeteria workers, janitors, parking garage attendees, ambulance drivers, and so many others.

HR leaders in the healthcare space are posed with a unique challenge: how to efficiently provide comprehensive benefits education to a workforce that is geographically distributed and works around-the-clock hours, and what education to offer that can empower each unique employee to choose the best benefits for their health and financial needs.

Sound familiar?

If these challenges sound familiar, it might be time to consider bringing in a tool that can personalize benefits education and communication to streamline the process of choosing benefits. This can ensure that your employees are aware of your full suite of benefit offerings and are confident that they're choosing the right plans for themselves and their families.

Let's get personal

Nayya offers personalized decision support to every single employee at your organization. Whether it's a doctor who's planning her own pregnancy, an X-ray technician who needs his plans to cover his family of 5, or an ambulance driver that needs the right plans and prescriptions to manage their type 2 diabetes—Nayya provides personal guidance, recommendations, and year-round support to your unique distributed workforce.

During open enrollment, onboarding a new hire, or managing a qualifying life event, employees can feel confident that Nayya’s AI powered decision support will provide them with the right recommendations to support and empower their personal health and financial needs and goals. This education is provided on an individual level, meaning there's no need for benefits seminars or lunch and learns—which are near impossible to plan when your employees work around the clock and in various locations.

Ready to learn more? See how Nayya can empower the best healthcare outcomes for your healthcare organization.

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