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Be the Change: Nayya Leadership on Continued Growth, Future Vision, and Series C Funding

by Caroline Boyland March 8, 2022

From it’s conception – just 2.5 years ago- to today, Nayya has grown in more ways than one. From 2 co-founders, to 120+ employees, outgrowing one office space, and then another (and now pushing the limits of the 3rd!), to raising $55M in Series C financing just last week, Nayya has been on a high-speed growth journey like no other.

Nayya’s continued growth can be attributed to the aforementioned 120+ all-star employees, led by a remarkable, inspiring, and values-driven leadership team.

We’ve all heard the age old quote, be the change you want to see in the world, but rarely do we get the opportunity to work with a leadership team that truly embodies this statement. Nayya’s mission, to bring consumers peace on their best days and confidence on their worst, is the core motivator across each and every team at Nayya.

In light of the recent Series C financing and Nayya’s continued growth, I got the chance to chat with leaders across the organization and ask them my favorite question: What are you most excited for this year? A fairly simple question, but when proposed to leaders across different teams, it paints an interesting and inspiring picture of the future vision for each department and for Nayya as a whole. Here’s what they had to say:

In light of the recent Series C funding and Nayya’s continued growth, what are you most excited for this year?

Sina Chehrazi, Chief Executive Officer, Cofounder: “This year, I am most excited for us to take a long-term approach to confronting our mission, head on. Nayya exists to provide people with transparency and support when it comes to healthcare and other benefits. Our products aim to give people peace on their best days and confidence on their worst. With a strong foundation now in place, our entire team can now focus on helping people from coast-to-coast and creating a better industry in parallel. It is exciting.”

Akash Magoon, Chief Technology Officer, Cofounder: “I’m very excited about all of the impact we are going to make this year. Helping a hundred million Americans save money on healthcare has been the dream since the very beginning, and between Choose and Use, we have the ability to empower consumers with the edge they need to have control over their own care journey all-year long. We are grateful for the early believers in Nayya, especially our customers and partners, that help us drive forward our mission every day and we look forward to expanding our reach with more funding and resources.”

Saiba Sabherwal Saxena, Chief Financial Officer: “I am most excited that this new funding will expand our ability to drive healthcare savings for millions of Americans who have struggled for too long”

Bryan Caplin, Chief Revenue Officer: “I’m excited to now have the capital which enables us to introduce Nayya to an even greater number of employees who are in desperate need of guidance and support to choose and use their benefits more effectively. Time and time again we hear how stressful this process is – both during open enrollment and throughout the year. By getting Nayya in the hands of more consumers, we have a massive opportunity to truly improve their health and financial wellness. It’s hard not to get excited about that!”

Dan Murdoch, Chief Marketing Officer: “This is a seminal moment for Nayya. It’s a clear testament to what makes this organization ‘great’ and how clearly our investors identify with our purpose. Helping over 100M Americans control their health and financial potential in the wake of rapid inflation, surprise medical bills, and growing debt is more critical than ever. I’m beyond thrilled to make that a reality with such a talented and passionate group!”

Kate Duncan, Chief People Officer: “I am looking forward to seeing Nayyans take on new challenges that expand their skill sets and their career portfolios. One of the most exciting things about moving with speed toward our mission is seeing Nayyan’s engage as a team to tackle the challenge facing Consumers – working cross functionally, acting quickly, learning and adapting and facing challenges with moxie. I am also excited for us to continue to invest deeply in our culture and community. One way we’ll continue doing this is through our commitment to well-being initiatives. Being intentional about well-being means supporting our team in building personal practices that build resilience and promote healthy habits in the workplace and beyond. As we continue to grow, building community around well-being will be an exciting way to connect our teams in a new way.”

Aman Magoon, VP of Product: “The vision for Nayya’s software has always been to help everyday Americans better finance their health through better benefits decisions. As we look to the future, we’re extremely focused on extending our ability to empower employees with better access to digital health benefits through the use of User Generated Data and Real-time Access to Claims and Payroll Data.”

Sara Chehrazi, VP of Operations: “Netflix helps us find the next show to binge, Spotify helps us discover our new favorite song, but when it comes to making the most important decisions, those for our health, Americans are left totally in the dark. With this new funding, I’m excited by the unique position we are in to help consumers with personalized benefits recommendations, proactive care navigation – and ultimately – bridge the health equity gap.”

Mariangela Anzalone, Chief of Staff: “Honestly – and this may be a little cheesy – I am so excited about how fast we are growing. The fact is, when Nayya experiences exciting growth, it means there are more lives on our platforms, which means more folks being able to select and navigate this big complicated system of health and wealth benefits. Again, at the risk of sounding like a cheerleader, that means more people who have financial peace on their best days and confidence on their worst. The Series C really pours fuel on the fire for this growth. And when more people are on Nayya, that’s good for them and – given the interconnected nature of the health system in the US – good for all of us.”

2022 and Beyond

As you can see, 2022 is shaping up to be an exciting, impactful year for the team at Nayya. As evidenced by the conversations above, the leaders at Nayya have such passion and drive for not only growing the product and the company, but for bringing clarity to the confusing world of benefits and helping Americans gain control over their health and financial potential. “Being the change” means setting out to make a difference, leading by example, and working towards the ever-aspirational goal of making the world a better place. This mindset is contagious, and when coming from leaders spanning the organization, it creates an energy across all teams that radiates drive and positivity, and can only result in continued success.

To learn more about Nayya’s recent Series C financing, check out our recent blog post.

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