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Attract and Retain Employees By Personalizing The Benefits Experience

by Christian Kunkel June 1, 2021

An employee starts their healthcare journey during enrollment, which is an important, yet stressful time (especially for new employees). Employees may feel confused about what benefits they are being offered and not sure which ones best fit their needs. Even though a company might offer great benefits, it’s hard to connect the value of those benefits to employees during enrollment and throughout the year.

One way companies can solve this problem is by adding personalization to the benefits experience. With the ever-increasing expansion of digital experiences, personalized benefits are becoming a necessity rather than a “nice to have.” This shift makes total sense due to companies like Amazon, Netflix, Mint and so many others bringing personalization into every aspect of the consumer experience, from entertainment to eCommerce and to financial services.

Adding data-driven insights and personalized recommendations greatly improves the benefits experience, especially at a time where hiring and keeping talented employees is becoming much more difficult.

Help employees engage with benefits throughout the year, even after enrollment.

Picking a health insurance plan is hard enough, but engaging with benefits throughout the year proves difficult too. One of the most common causes of overspending on healthcare comes from out-of-network expenses. Ensuring that your employees are engaging with their benefits throughout the year will not only help them see the value you bring as an employer, but will help them save money too.

For example, more than half (58%) of employees would not be able to cover unexpected out-of-pocket medical costs of $1,000 or more. As an employer, offering year-round benefits guidance would significantly help reduce the amount of unexpected medical costs employees may see. And consumers are looking for these types of services, 80% of consumers are between “somewhat” and “very willing” to share their data in return for a range of benefits, including lower prices, personalized offers and alerts, and quicker claims processing.

That’s why partnering with a solution that offers both personalized decision support and benefits engagement throughout the year is crucial. Keeping your employees engaged and educated around their benefits is a great pathway to increasing happiness and retention.

Nayya provides a personalized, data-driven benefits experience for employees.

Nayya acts as a personal benefits advocate all year long for employees. Nayya focuses on decision support and benefits engagement. It’s one of the most stressful and challenging situations employees face. And we are here to help them through it, 24/7, 365 days a year. Partnering with Nayya will offer your employees an experience like no other, and will be sure to keep the top talent right where you want them – with you.

Learn how Nayya can help you retain top talent by improving the benefits experience, beginning at enrollment and throughout the year.

Schedule a demo today to get started.

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