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Attention HR Leaders: Here Are 5 Ways Nayya Helps Your Employees after Open Enrollment

by Christian Kunkel November 15, 2021

If human resources is a marathon, open enrollment is the finishing kick. After months of research, comparison, meetings, and info sessions, you’ve finally gotten everyone’s paperwork. You have their plan elections, HSA info, beneficiary birthdates, and waivers.

But while you may have crossed the finish line of open enrollment, your work isn’t quite finished just yet.

For your employees, the hard work of benefits management is just beginning, and they need an ally all year long. That’s where we come in. Nayya supports your employees through the decision-making process during open enrollment and also works as a personalized benefits advocate. It can help your employees keep track of their benefits and use them wisely throughout the year, so they can save money.

Here are some key areas where Nayya – and you – can support your team.

1. Claims Assistance

If you’ve been in the HR field for a while now, the chances are high that you’ve seen thousands of insurance claims. Your employees, however, have not. They may encounter just a handful each year, and if benefits or carriers have changed, they might even have to navigate an entirely new process.

With Nayya, you can offboard the questions about claims or the requests for an explanation of benefits from your employees to us. While your experience and knowledge can help them navigate the minefield of medical coding, you may not have enough bandwidth to provide support, and that’s ok.

You can rest assured that we will always be putting in the work for your employees in the background, making sure they have the guidance and education in their possession that they need to feel confident about and engage with their benefits all year long.

Your employees will be proactively alerted about any new claims they can submit for reimbursement and view the status of their current claims, all within Nayya.

2. Real-Time Plan Auditing

Audits are a fact of life for HR best practices. Depending on your industry, you may have to conduct financial or legal compliance audits. If you provide employer-sponsored benefits, your insurance plans should get the same treatment.

Legislation can move the goalposts on health plan compliance (the Affordable Care Act is one sweeping example), and you’ll want a program that can ensure your offerings are updated in real-time.

You’ll also want to reconcile your health coverage with your employee records so that any new employee who missed open enrollment has the opportunity to get coverage. Nayya keeps track of the changing benefits landscape and keeps you, and your staff, up to date.

3. Lower Prescription Costs

A lot of your employees (44%, according to a recent analysis by the Kaiser Family Foundation) are worried about being able to cover the cost of their prescriptions. Spending on pharmaceuticals is a major source of anxiety for many Americans. That’s why we included pharmacy savings-focused features in Nayya.

We have relationships with 65,000+ pharmacies across the country, which allows us to proactively help employees find the best locations to get their prescriptions filled and present available coupons that can save them money on the medications they rely on. Nayya also sends your employees alerts whenever there is a price change for their prescription, an alternate brand or generic available, or a coupon so they’re always informed.

4. Wellness Reminders

Repeat prescriptions or chronic health concerns require management. It’s easy to forget to schedule preventive care or follow-ups or to order diabetic test strips or a refill on contact lenses. And it’s hard to remember to stick to diet and fitness goals.

Nayya can help your employees stay on top of their wellness with reminders relevant to their unique health concerns. These timely dashboard alerts save your employees time and money and encourage them to stay engaged with their benefits.

5. Out-of-Network Alerts

One of the most common causes of overspending on healthcare comes from out-of-network expenses. Hard-to-read printouts of network providers are outdated almost as soon as they are handed out. Nayya simplifies the search with a find-your-provider search function that helps your employees find an in-network health professional at open enrollment.

If a doctor or institution changes networks during the year, Nayya will send an alert and offer options to help employees find an alternate in-network provider.

Make Nayya Part of Your HR Team

Insurance benefits are no benefit at all unless they are used. With its vast data resources, real-time updates, and easy-to-use dashboard, Nayya helps your team get the most out of your insurance plans.

To learn more, please visit us at to schedule a guided demo today.

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