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A Process So Good, It’s Patented: Nayya’s Groundbreaking Approach to Benefits

by Nayya Marketing September 29, 2021

Innovation. It’s what makes Amazon so much more than a bookstore. It’s why Netflix eclipsed Blockbuster. It’s the reason you visit Expedia more often than a travel agent.

At Nayya, we’ve built an innovative approach to insurance that’s not just radical — it’s revolutionary. It can keep track of your needs and your usage and find cost-savings opportunities that you’ll love. Think of it as a GPS for benefits, a personalized solution that guides employees through some of the toughest decisions they need to make.

The benefits landscape has become increasingly complex and, for many people, increasingly confusing. Determining what type of coverage you need — and how much —can be stressful. There are too many options, too many variables, and too much jargon. As an HR or Benefits leader, investing in your employees’ health and financial wellness is crucial for the employee experience, retention efforts, talent recruitment and more.

Nayya’s patented system uses machine learning to create an employee-focused recommendation engine. It asks for the details of your unique situation, including your family medical history, your occupational hazards, previous insurance needs, psychographics, and even your interests and lifestyle. It can compare your needs with consumer trends and deliver personalized recommendations for coverage. It can even offer dynamic scenarios that compare your options and help you understand which is right for you…and why.

No one can predict the future, but Nayya’s three billion data points create a more complete picture of the benefits panorama so you can more easily find the best place for you and your family.

Our Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder Akash Magoon describes the advantage of Nayya’s ability to create a holistic picture from discrete and disparate data sources.

"When you think about benefits, all the information you would want to use to make a benefits recommendation lives in different systems, whether it’s medical claim data, financial data (your mortgage, your 401k balance), your family risk levels, and much more,” said Akash. "When we were building our plan recommendation engine — or building any component of our products — so much of the work has to do with cleaning that data and bringing it all into one place before we do any of the machine learning or any of the recommendation science. That’s where we’ve spent the bulk of Nayya’s history — creating the best data infrastructure we can as part of our research and development.”

The aggregation of all that data is a massive task, and it was just our beginning. Our patent protects the process by which Nayya uses machine learning to recommend bundles of insurance plans to consumers, based on their demographic information as well as their likely medical healthcare consumption.

The result is a game-changing solution for HR leaders seeking to drastically improve the employee benefits experience – throughout the entire year. Whether you’re starting with a new company or grappling with the open enrollment process, Nayya can review your needs and present your options. We cover the gamut from medical insurance, dental insurance, accident insurance, hospital indemnity insurance, and auto insurance. Whatever your situation, we’ve got you covered.

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