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ICONIQ Growth- Future of Work: Employer Benefits Series

by Nayya Marketing June 10, 2022

Future of Work Series: Employer Benefits

In their most recent report: Future of Work Series: Employer Benefits ICONIQ Growth dives into our recent benefits research and explores how tech companies can structure their benefits programs. The report also highlights how companies are using non-cash incentives as a key lever of total rewards.

They found that:

  1. Tech companies are expanding benefits across L&D, wellness, and childcare
  2. Work arrangement and flexibility will be a core benefit in a post-COVID world
  3. More tech companies are going public with their benefits policies
  4. Benefits will become a strong indicator of company culture

"Our survey found a significant disconnect between how organizations view their healthcare and benefits plans and the way their employees perceive the value of those same offerings. In this fragile period, the numbers show that these offerings and the experience associated with benefits decisions are simply not meeting the moment." - Sina Chehrazi, CEO and Co-founder, Nayya.

Read the full report, here.

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