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5 Traits of an Award Winning Broker

by Caroline Boyland May 5, 2022

Later this month, BenefitsPRO is set to take over Austin. A few members from Team Nayya are attending the Broker Expo and we couldn’t be more excited to learn how leading brokers are disrupting the industry this year.

When we think of great brokers, we think about leaders who provide their clients with innovative solutions and help them save money while also keeping employees satisfied and educated about their benefits. Not a small task, but the 5 individuals nominated for BenefitsPRO Broker of the Year make it look easy. When reading the profiles of these 5 industry leaders, you can feel their dedication and passion for the industry. Based on their profiles, we pulled 5 key traits that create a standout, industry-leading broker.

1. A Commitment to Personalization We say it frequently here at Nayya, personalization is critical. Taking a personalized approach to benefits can enable cost-savings across the board. Just take it from nominee Kim Eckelbarger. Kim takes such a hyper personalized approach that she’s been able to get multiple clients the surgery that they need for no cost at all.

2. Total Transparency Benefits are one of the most important financial decisions clients make each year, but what it comes down to is that they’re often confusing and overwhelming. Pledging to be totally transparent with clients and partners can create the much needed shift the industry needs. Nominee Josh Butler highlights the need for widespread change in his profile, “at my core, I just want things to be fair for people, and the status quo in health care is anything but fair and transparent.”

3. Leading with Empathy The pandemic has led to unprecedented changes industry-wide, but perhaps the most important shift is the increased need for an empathetic approach. Nominee Elsa Glorioso stresses the importance of businesses taking an empathetic approach to healthcare in her profile. “People are longing for understanding, empathy, for grace,” she says. “People want to work for a company that will have their back, no matter what.”

4. Expertise on Emerging Tech It seems like every day there’s a new technology promising to solve just about all of our problems—these 5 nominees make it their job to sift through, understand, and advise on what solutions are best for their clients. Nominee Braden Monaco, who creates a standout service through a heavy emphasis on technology solutions, says that emerging HR tech can “remove burdensome tasks from the owner’s shoulders while also creating efficiencies throughout the client organization.”

5. A Foundation of Trust The best relationships are built on trust, and clients will always lean towards working with brokers and vendors who they feel a personal connection with. That’s why nominee Ami Shah commits to being a year-long resource. “If all we’re doing is telling them once a year, ‘Here's your renewal, here’s the increase over last year, see you next year,’ you don't get the chance to be that trusted business partner that I want to be for my clients.”

These 5 nominees exemplify these key traits and more, and we can’t wait to attend BenefitsPRO Broker Expo this month to learn about all the new innovative ways brokers are approaching their employer clients this year. See you there!

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