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3 Ways to Improve Your Employees’ Healthcare Journey

by Dana Borrero November 2, 2021

Healthcare: it’s the one benefit few employees are willing to do without. But when it comes to making selections at open enrollment and choosing from among the numerous options employers work so hard to develop, the process can feel like a multiple-choice test that doesn’t have any right answers.

How can your company leadership and HR professionals help employees choose the right healthcare for them? Nayya offers 3 concrete and practical ways to do just that.

Personalize employee enrollment

We all know that an off-the-rack, one-size-fits-all approach to healthcare doesn’t work. Some employees will end up paying higher premiums for coverage they’ll never use, and others will struggle to pay high deductibles because the coverage they chose wasn’t enough.

It hard to call either of those outcomes “beneficial.” That’s why Nayya gives your employees an enrollment process that yields completely personalized recommendations that are informed by each team member’s profile as well as over 3 billion data points and 200 million claims. By tailoring our recommendations to every employee’s unique needs and priorities, we offer a customized experience for enrollment—one that takes about 8 minutes to complete.

Our simple guidance empowers employees and supports their decision-making by explaining the financial impact of each plan with both clarity and transparency. The Nayya enrollment process provides employees with a better understanding of their needs and how the benefit package you offer them contributes to their financial security and quality of life. That’s because we don’t just guide them to the right plan, we show them why it’s right for them.

Support employees throughout the year

Identifying the right healthcare plan is one thing; knowing how to make good use of it is often another. Nayya gives employees proactive and actionable insights throughout the year to help them understand when to file claims, transfer prescriptions, or find in-network providers. Nayya also helps your valued staff keep up with savings accounts, and gives them guidance on how best to save, manage, and use HSAs.

With ongoing support, employees can take the longer view that empowers them to identify and implement strategies for making payment decisions that are both responsible and smart. And tracking all your employees’ benefits in one centralized place reduces the number of questions that have to be fielded by HR and encourages more engagement—and more participation—across the board.

Help employees save money on healthcare

Financial guidance shouldn’t end with open enrollment, and with Nayya, it doesn’t. We help employees learn how to take a holistic view across all their benefits. Once your team members understand how the various moving pieces that comprise their benefits bundle really can work together—once they can see it all through a wider-angle lens—they are able to make better and smarter use of what’s available to them.

Need to see a specialist? Nayya’s ongoing support throughout the year will guide your employees to finding and choosing an in-network provider. Need a prescription refill? Nayya will automatically send money-saving tips aimed at reducing pharmacy costs. With Nayya, healthcare costs are always transparent.

Healthcare doesn’t have to feel like a no-win venture for employees or company execs and HR professionals. Nayya gives organizational leaders what they need to ensure that employees have the tools to both choose and use the benefits you provide wisely. The result is a measurably healthier—and happier—team. And that’s the greatest benefit of all.

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