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The Benefits Experience Faculty and Staff Deserve

Even in the world of academia, faculty and staff largely struggle with understanding their choices. The benefits experience is nearly as important as the benefits themselves. High turnover, budgetary constraints, and a distributed, diverse workforce result in a reality where improving participation, increasing engagement, and effectively communicating during open enrollment feel impossible. We’re here to help you graduate with honors.

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What’s Nayya?

During open enrollment, onboarding a new hire, or managing a qualifying life event, offer personalized decision support to every single employee. Nayya Choose transforms the benefits enrollment experience by offering step-by-step decision support, powered by AI and individual data, to provide recommendations that match the unique needs of each employee.

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Welcome to Nayya 101

Nayya offers a step-by-step experience that delivers a personalized recommendation of benefits after gathering an understanding of an employee's mental, physical, and financial needs. Challenging the status quo of holding a myriad of educational webinars, sharing a series of disparate and lengthy PDFs, and communicating inefficiently, HR teams at Colleges and Universities are in a position to save valuable time, drive cost savings, increase participation, and boost organizational confidence in benefit decisions with Nayya.

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Why Higher-Ed Requires A Better Experience

As any professor can vouch, guesswork has no place in education. Why should enrolling in benefits be any different? In light of budgetary and resource constraints, retention challenges, and a workforce that’s both distributed and diverse, managing benefits is an uphill battle. Similar to how TurboTax enables the everyday consumer to file their taxes with confidence, Nayya offers a consolidated benefits experience that removes complexity and empowers individuals with education and confidence to make the right decisions during enrollment. After a less than 10 minute questionnaire, employees are presented with a personalized recommendation of the medical, financial, and voluntary benefits that best align with their mental, physical, and financial needs.

Results that Matter

Whether it’s open enrollment, new hires, or qualifying life events, Nayya can help you enrich your approach to benefits and create the enrollment experience your faculty and staff deserve.

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Giving Time Back to HR Teams

Preparing educational materials, building communication plans, answering employee questions, hosting benefits webinars, chasing participation, and more, requires hours of time. Nayya gives that valuable time back, enabling teams to focus on creating a more rewarding employee experience.

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Employee & Organizational Cost Savings

The best of both worlds. Drive cost savings for employees by demonstrating the impact that different plans have on potential health and financial scenarios. For your organization, create savings by delivering on plan migration and increasing participation across both traditional and voluntary benefits.

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An Integrated Ecosystem

We’re here to enrich, not replace, your existing approach — we integrate and work in harmony with HCM platforms, BenAdmin, Brokers, and Carriers to provide employees with personalized decision support and more. Read more about our partnerships, here.

Read more about our partnerships here
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Increased Participation & Satisfaction

Nayya’s step-by-step journey walks employees through enrollment and presents each individual with the plans that best fit their needs and goals. Naturally, this increases plan participation, benefits engagement, and overall employee satisfaction, fortifying your retention efforts.

Cameron Hyland

AVP, Account Executive Employee Benefits at Woodruff Sawyer

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Partnering with Nayya during Just Global’s Open Enrollment produced amazing results. We were blown away not only by the level of engagement the employees had with the tool but also with how Nayya efficiently used multiple sources of data to educate and provide personalized benefit recommendations to each of them based on their unique life situation.

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