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Privacy matters. We uphold the highest standards in data privacy and security by following SOC2, HIPAA, and CCPA compliance measures. A privacy-forward approach that meets the digital realities of todays enterprise.

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Our Stance on Data Privacy and Security

Brand safety and trust are increasingly important in today’s new digital reality, and nowhere is this more exemplified than in how your data is collected, used, and protected. We’ve heavily invested in our security framework and take a privacy-forward approach with all of our products and services.
  • WCAG AA 2.1
  • SOC2
  • CCPA
  • Independant Data Security Audits
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Our Certifications and Audit Process

Feel confident in not only choosing and using your benefits, but in knowing that your data is safe with us. We’re SOC2, HIPAA, CCPA compliant, meaning all sensitive data is handled with care. Additionally, Nayya is WCAG AA 2.1 Compliant to ensure accessibility across the board. Moreover, Nayya is annually audited by a third-party data-security firm, helping us ensure our framework is secure and protected

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Privacy Policy Access

For more information about how we handle your data, you can read our Privacy Policy. Nayya believes in open and honest communication and our privacy policy outlines how we both collect and use consumer data in our platform and services.

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Have no fear. Managing Data and Privacy in Today’s Enterprise

Hear from leaders in data privacy and security on what it means to hold the highest standards in this space and still deliver innovative experiences for you and your employees.

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