There’s a Better Way to Use Benefits

Benefits don’t start and end with open enrollment. Empower consumers with the tools, visibility, and confidence to use benefits to their advantage all year round.

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How it works?

Put your benefits into action

Employees can track their deductible and easily access their insurance ID cards within the Nayya ecosystem.

Engaging Consumers Where They Are

Communicate with consumers where, when, and how they want. Targeted SMS, email, and push notifications using real time data keep employees updated and informed about network changes and prescription savings.

Additionally, consumers can access their benefits through the Nayya Mobile App. This gives users the ability to access pharmacy savings, find in-network care, and everything else Nayya has to offer, on-the-go.

Keeping wellness in check

Individualize wellness for employees with to-do-lists, healthcare guides, preventative care opportunities, and the additional voluntary benefits that align with their needs.

Additionally, Nayya Connect enables employees to access any Digital Health Solutions relevant to their care journey — think: diabetes management, fertility care, and more.

Convenient access to care

Nayya provides access to a curated selection of high-quality, in-network doctors and specialists, making finding care painless.

Privacy, Security, and Accessibility Forward

Feel confident in not only choosing and using your benefits, but in knowing that your data is safe with us. We're SOC2, HIPAA compliant, meaning all sensitive data is handled with care.

Cameron Hyland

AVP, Account Executive Employee Benefits at Woodruff Sawyer

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Partnering with Nayya during Just Global’s Open Enrollment produced amazing results. We were blown away not only by the level of engagement the employees had with the tool but also with how Nayya efficiently used multiple sources of data to educate and provide personalized benefit recommendations to each of them based on their unique life situation.

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