Nayya's supplemental health protection policy helps cover expenses before your team members hit their deductible

Healthcare costs have gone up. Deductibles are skyrocketing.

Protect+ covers key health expenses before employees hit their deductible.

Starting at $48/month per employee (by invitation only)

For the modern, fast-moving business and employees, Nayya Protect+ offers an unique package of Accident Protection, Hospital Coverage Expansion, and Cancer Care to ensure continuity of business and health in a rapidly changing global business environment.

Examples include the first $2,000 of hospital or pregnancy expenses, ambulance fees, and unforeseen accidents. Our product puts a plan in place in a world of higher-deductible health plans and increasing costs. Nayya Protect+ distributes cash in near real-time, and is free for employers to offer to your team.

Safeguard your employees and business against unforeseen risks

Employees receive quick cash deposits to cover pregnancy bills, urgent care, ambulance fees, x-rays, children sports injuries, travel incidents, wellness screenings, hospital co-pays, stroke, heart attack, and over 50+ additional, eligible health events.

Fight back against rising costs and decreasing coverage.

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