Navigate the world of health, dental and ancillary benefits with clarity and simplicity through personalized tools that help plan, find, and pay for care.

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Our Ethos

7 out of 10 working Americans overpay for their health due to benefits mismanagement

Your benefits should work as hard for you, as you do for them - that means navigating the complex world of health, dental, and ancillary benefits with clarity and simplicity.

The number one financial concern for employees in the United States is healthcare costs

We use machine learning and data science to intimately understand providers, care facilities, insurance networks, and savings opportunities and scour billions of data points to inform our Smart Care recommendations

Our Approach

Finding in-network care, estimating procedure costs, accessing on-demand telemedicine, and submitting claims intelligently through Companion increases access to care and brings transparency to the health ecosystem

Our Results

We measure success not only in ROI, but also in peace of mind. Our Cost Estimator tools help the entire health ecosystem- from Payers, to Patients, find new efficiencies.

Nayya drives an average ROI of $1500 per employee per year.

Nayya's finds high-value care and cost savings opportunities through analyzing claims of 175m lives from 92% of top U.S. health plans

Nayya Companion

Reach employees before they make care decisions, and promise to guide them to the highest quality, lowest cost options.

14% average savings per employee per year

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