Delightful, Data-Driven Employee Benefits

Nayya enables employers to make confident, data-driven benefits decisions.

The rest of the year, Nayya helps employees navigate and improve their care. Nayya is 100% free to use, always.

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Let's be Friends with Benefits
Health, Dental, Vision, Life, Supplemental

Insurance Simplified

How It Works


Select Your Plan

Nayya makes it easy to find the right coverage for your employees.



Complete an application in under 5 minutes. We handle the rest. Free of paperwork, free of hassle.


Setup Payroll and Deductions

Nayya will administer your payroll for free (or integrate with your existing payroll service).


Invite Your Team

Employees enroll themselves. Nayya is available 24/7 to answer questions or give recommendations.

Get Started

Find the best plans for your workforce

Nayya's technology analyzes thousands of health plans to monitor changes in providers, coverage, and price to help you find the best and most cost-effective plans.

  • Plans from every major insurance carrier
  • Simple view into cost, coverage, and nearby doctors in network
  • Unbiased reccomendations

Companion helps your employees sort through the messy world of insurance

We do the hard work, so they don't have to. Companion makes it easy to find nearby doctors and dentists that are in-network, understand cost and coverage, and navigate supplemental offerings.

  • Understand the maze of benefit coverages
  • Select the best plans for their lifestyle
  • Search and book appointments with doctors
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Easy and reliable payroll software

Nayya offers a fully integrated, easy-to-use system that makes payroll pain a thing of the past. For free!

  • Employee Management
  • New hire onboarding payroll and benefits sync
  • Benefits Deductions
  • Direct Deposits
  • Already happy with your payroll provider? We have integrations so you don't have to worry about benefit deductions and taxes.
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Nayya has made our employee payroll and benefits truly headache-free. From finding the the most cost-effective health plans to always being there for our employees, Nayya has continued to make me a happy client.

Nayya helped me save $125/month per employee on health and dental plans. The transparency and coverage analysis made sure that I found similar plans at a fraction of the cost.

We were up and running with health insurance and payroll through Nayya in a few days. Super easy, super quick, super reliable. Our account manager is amazing, too.

Start a New Benefits Plan

If you've never offered benefits before, Nayya is a good place to start. It's easy and typically takes 10 minutes to get started. We're always here to help.

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Get a instant quote: Health, Dental

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Move an Existing Plan

Switching? We’ll move your current plan over for you without any interruption in your coverage. Premiums cost the same no matter who your broker is.

Nayya Payroll and Radar will be available.

Schedule an Intro Call

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Benefits are Complicated

We're here to make it transparent and easy.

Can I afford health insurance?

You might be surprised! There are tons of plans and prices and ways to split costs with your employees. There are tax advantages too.

What does Nayya charge for administering benefits?

Nayya is free! We get a finder's fee from the insurance carrier. We work with dozens of them and are unbiased. We're committed to finding you the best plan for your company and workforce.

What are the advantages of working with Nayya?

Nayya is an open and honest insurance marketplace. We combine better data with real transparency to improve your coverage while reducing your costs. We also provide your employees with Radar, for free, which allows them to understand their benefits and easily find doctors and dentists.

How do I manage payroll and get my employees to sign up for benefits?

It's super simple. You can use Nayya's payroll for free or we'll integrate with your existing provider. Employees just login and select from our recommended list of benefits -- we'll take care of deductions and taxes.

Is my business eligible for small group health insurance?

Eligibility varies by state and carrier. Typically if you have 2 or more employees, you are likely eligible. If you are a solo team, we'll get you enrolled in the individual marketplace and take care of moving you to a small group plan when you grow your team.

Can I offer benefits to 1099 and contract employees?

Yes! You can offer the same benefits to contractors that are offered to W2 employees, or even create subclass benefits to offer different plans to different groups with different employer contributions.