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The Real Estate Board of New York selects Nayya's Companion platform to power health benefits for 14,000+ members

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Real Estate
New York, NY
Provide impact focused health experiences, and improve prevention and wellness for it's valued members.

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Nayya Companion

A personalized platform that makes planning, finding, and paying for healthcare and dental - simpler.

The Real Estate Board of New York, the historic and influential New York City real estate association, selects Nayya as their trusted health benefits partner. This monumental partnership will bring access to Nayya’s benefits platform to 14,000+ real estate professionals in New York. REBNY members will have access to Nayya's Companion software, which brings new simplicity and personalization to members' healthcare and insurance experiences.

This exciting partnership exemplifies REBNY’s forward thinking, and progressive approach to delivering the best experience to its valued real-estate professionals. By working with Nayya, REBNY members will receive access to Companion, a personalized ecosystem that helps members plan, find, and pay for their health benefits in a simpler and value based way.

Matching REBNY’s members with the best health and dental plans using Nayya’s machine learning and data science capabilities will help ensure that members are finding plans that best meet their individual health needs. Once a member elects their benefits, they will receive access to the Companion platform, where they can find high value in-network care, see on-demand telemedicine professionals, speak with their intelligent chat-bot - Edison and even estimate procedure costs - all in a single, user focused experience. Companion eliminates the complexity of health benefits and insurance policies, by aggregating and analyzing plan data and presenting it in an easy, and consumable way.

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Nayya works with large insurance companies, national provider networks, and massive amounts of claims data to help its users navigate the world of health benefits in a more meaningful and simpler way. Through this partnership, Nayya will promote, protect, and improve the healthcare journey’s of thousands of hard-working New Yorkers.

Nayya is proud to stand strong with an organization that is the backbone of New York City, to deliver cost-friendly and data driven health benefits -- and congratulate REBNY for choosing to provide a truly modern solution to its members.