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HR Work Isn’t Easy. Especially Benefits.

We get it. Booking fun events and being the cheerful “people person” isn’t even the half of it. The reality is, managing benefits for an entire organization sometimes feels like swimming against the current. Our intent is to make it easier, for you and your employees.

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  • Wellness Checklist

  • Your Care Team

  • Cards and Coverage

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Increase participation and enrollment

Employees are unique, their benefits should be too.

Increase plan participation and enrollment across the spectrum of benefits your organization offers via a personalized, intuitive experience.

  • Step-by-step decision support to simplify the process of evaluating benefits during enrollment.

  • Personalized benefits suggestions, curated by AI and machine learning, based on individual needs.

  • Education demonstrating the supplemental value of voluntary benefits and digital health solutions.

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Improve employee engagement

Benefits don’t end after open enrollment

Inspire employees to get the most out of their existing benefits, and intelligently present supplemental opportunities, 365 days of the year.

  • A holistic dashboard for visibility into benefits details, usage, and ways to action in a moment of need.

  • Benefits alerts based on personal data and behaviors for employees and their families.

  • SMS, email, and push notifications to keep employees engaged, wherever and whenever they need it.

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A spectrum of savings, for you and your employees

Every penny counts. A tool that not only saves you and your team time, but enables better financial control and outcomes across the organization.

  • Reduce administrative burden by streamlining benefits education and communication.

  • Support employee financial wellness by highlighting HSA, FSA, 401K and other savings opportunities.

  • Enable year round cost-savings with prescription savings, in-network steerage, and automated claims.



A future where benefits are quick, easy, and painless

And we mean quick—the average Nayya user takes 8-10 minutes to select their benefits during open enrollment.

  • And we mean quick—the average Nayya user takes 8-10 minutes to select their benefits during open enrollment.
  • AI-driven recommendations to ensure employees are choosing the best plans for their personal needs.
  • A consolidated experience to simplify access to digital point solutions and voluntary benefits.

Cameron Hyland

AVP, Account Executive Employee Benefits at Woodruff Sawyer

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Partnering with Nayya during Just Global’s Open Enrollment produced amazing results. We were blown away not only by the level of engagement the employees had with the tool but also with how Nayya efficiently used multiple sources of data to educate and provide personalized benefit recommendations to each of them based on their unique life situation.

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