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Seamless Implementation, Increased Engagement, Better Benefits

There’s no relationship stronger than an employer and their broker or consultant. Offer your clients an innovative benefits experience that aligns with their desired outcomes

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Welcome to the benefit experience members deserve

Implement Seamlessly

Seamless implementation and a flexible partnership are par for the course. We’re prepared to meet you and your clients where their benefits are.

Align Outcomes

Whether your goal is to facilitate cost savings, HDHP migration, or sell more point solutions, Nayya works to support the desired outcomes of all parties.

Establish Leadership

Employers rely on their broker for best-in-class thought leadership and guidance. Come equipped with the tools and tech that can strengthen your authority.

Fortify Relationships

There’s no relationship stronger than an employer and their broker—we’re here to work in concert with you and your client to streamline the benefits experience at both ends.

Choose Benefits

Benefits aren’t broken, recommendations are. Transform the open enrollment experience by offering step-by-step decision support that’s powered by census and individual data to provide personalized benefits recommendations

Privacy, Security, and Accessibility Forward

Nayya is proud to be meeting the highest standards of data security with HIPAA and SOC2 certifications. Additionally, we offer integrations with a range of leading HCM, Ben Admin, and Digital Health Solutions.

Dedicated Support

We want to make you the hero of the story with the support you need, when you need it. From the moment you kick off open enrollment and throughout the course of the year, we’re committed to your success.

Ian Skinner

Senior Vice President, HUB International

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Implementing Nayya significantly reduced the amount of questions and confusion surrounding enrollment and the choices that employees had to make.

Seamless Integrations

Nayya is currently integrated with some of America’s largest carriers, ben admins, and brokers.Chances are we’re already integrated with your current benefits administration system, meaning employees stay within your ecosystem while using Nayya for an all-in-one experience.

The Company We Keep

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