What is Open Enrollment?

Learning About The Importance of Open Enrollment 

So, what is Open Enrollment, besides stressful? Open Enrollment is the yearly period when people can enroll in a health insurance plan; As designated by HealthCare.gov, this year’s Open Enrollment takes place November 1st to December 15, 2020. Open Enrollment is the one time a year that any benefit-eligible person can change their benefits - excluding Qualifying Life Events (QLE). If a person would like to change their benefits at any other time of the year, they must have experienced a QLE. Some of these events include 

  • Getting married

  • Having a baby

  • Losing health coverage

When you participate in Open Enrollment, you are choosing your plan for the following year. Sometimes the benefit coverage will not become effective until months after one completes enrollment.


For those who have employer-sponsored healthcare, open enrollment is when you can change the benefit options that are available through the employer. Open enrollment can be stressful for both employers and employees. It is imperative that employees are educated about the benefits available to them and that the employers are able to keep track of benefits usage so that both employers and employees are getting the most protection while spending the least amount of money possible. One way to make open enrollment less stressful is to invest in a platform like Nayya, one that simplifies Open Enrollment, educates, and engages employees. With a platform like Nayya, you can keep track of benefits usage and see which benefits best fit your lifestyle and propensity to pay, which saves both the employer and employee money. For employer-sponsored healthcare, most companies will have open enrollment in November; especially if they offer calendar-year benefit plans that begin on January 1st. The amount of time the open enrollment period lasts is not standardized, but it usually lasts for about 2-4 weeks. 

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