Listen to Yourself: Take the Time to Check-in

Taking the Time to Reflect and Check-in with Yourself


Taking the time to check on your psyche is important -- especially in stressful times like these. Our mental health is just as important as our physical health, although it may often be pushed to the side. Taking that time to listen to ourselves looks different for every person. Some people love meditating. Some listen to music to feel relaxed. Others love reading. If you’re experiencing unusual levels of stress resulting in panic or anxiety attacks, perhaps it’s best to find a therapist near you that can help.  


One way to ensure that we take the time to listen is to set aside time for reflection. A study reported that employees who spent 15 minutes in the middle of the day on reflection performed 23% better than those who did not. It can be 20 minutes -- or it can be 5 minutes -- but the science is clear that reflecting on our days can help us stay in tune with ourselves. Studies have found that those who spent their commute to work reflecting were less burned out (and happier) than those who didn’t. One way to do this can be through a daily examen, which can consist of a few questions such as:


What am I thankful for today?

How do I feel today?

How do I feel about tomorrow?


Just giving yourself time to reflect can help you work on making sure that you are both mentally and physically healthy.