Setting Summer Goals with SMART

Summer is a time that many people use for self-improvement: whether it’s exercising more, trying new hobbies, or spending more time in nature. Summer can be a great time to set new goals. Goal setting is also an excellent way to encourage yourself to keep your health and wellness on track. Over 45% of Americans regularly set new goals for themselves; while only 8% claim to achieve them.So how do you make sure you fulfill those promises to yourself? Try to choose goals that are SMART:


S: Specific. Especially in regards to health, it will be easier for you to achieve something if it is clearly outlined. So let’s say if you wanted to “cook more healthy food”, try saying “I’m going to cook vegetables with every meal.” You can also find a dietician covered under your health insurance plan to help you with your goals. 

M: Measurable. Choose something that you will be able to track your process. This will make it easier for you to know where you stand which will help keep your goal in reach. Some people find a doctor near them that’s covered under their health insurance for advice.

A: Attainable. Make sure that what you are setting out to do is attainable and set a plan to achieve it. In your plan, outline the steps (especially if it is something that will take a long time) that will allow you to attain your goal. These steps create the momentum that many of us need.


R: Realistic. Choosing a realistic goal will help motivate you to complete it. If you choose something that you know you will probably not achieve from the beginning, you may subconsciously not try as hard because you know that you probably weren’t going to make it anyway. If you want to achieve something that seems unrealistic, try breaking it up into smaller, more realistic goals that will work up to achieving that larger one. 

T: Time-Bound. Choose a specific date to achieve your goal by at the beginning of the process and try hard to stick to it. Having a sense of urgency can help motivate people to achieve their goal and allows for an easier tracking of their progress. 


Follow these steps when choosing a goal, and you’ll score every single time.