Sandbox Demo with Nayya


Nayya Sandbox Demo


With so many insurance carriers and providers in today’s world, one of the important decisions each company needs to make is selecting which network to offer to employees. Employees may be scattered around the world, and understanding which coverage is most appropriate is crucial in pre-filtering plans for employees to choose from. To address this issue, Nayya has developed a data-science driven tool which analyzes both employee and provider data to help HR employees make informed decisions.


This data-driven tool is capable of processing employee data from any company, intaking information such as zip code and employee ages, and displaying this in an intuitive format. Following this processing, we then layer different network coverages on top of our existing display, highlighting key points such as network coverage, the average distance traveled by each employee, types of providers nearby, all of which are easy for the employer to compare. By offering this tool, we hope that we’re able to address yet another issue seen in the healthcare space.