Nayya during COVID-19

COVID-19 has affected the vast majority of us, whether it be going out to eat, collaborating with coworkers, or attending class in person. Social distancing is crucial so we don’t continue to spread and add to this pandemic, and here at Nayya each one of us is doing our best to help out. We’re all working remotely, but we’ve found surprising successes in doing so.


We hold daily standups at noon EST, where each of our team members gives a quick pitch about what they’ve been working on in the past 24 hours and any blockers they’ve run into. This allows others to offer any advice or help and keeps each one of us involved with the entire company’s direction. With a popcorn system implemented, we’re all paying close attention to what others are saying and becoming more comfortable with one another.


Our tech team, in particular, has been doing its best to make technological advancements while separated across the US and three time zones. In addition to the daily standups, the team holds daily engineering meetings to sync on each person’s progress, collaborate on issues, and see how each member can help others. Whether looking at CORS errors or restructuring our benefits dashboard, the amount of collaboration is immense.


We’re always listening to how our partners need help during these unprecedented times, and we’re committed to helping whenever we can. If Nayya can help you in any way, please feel free to reach out!