Meet Your Radiologist

Learn About The Typical Duties of Your Radiologist

A radiologist is a doctor that focuses on treating and diagnosing diseases using medical imaging. In order to become a radiologist, one must go to school for a total of about 12 years. After an undergraduate education, one must complete another four years of medical school and then complete another four years of a radiology residency. During their residency a radiologist learns about the safety and protection from radiation, how radiation can affect the human body, and how to interpret medical imaging. After their residency, a radiologist will spend up to e2 additional years training in a subspecialty of radiology. You may have had to interact with a radiologist before if you have ever gone in for medical imaging, like an MRI. A good radiologist can make a world of a difference. To ensure that you find the best one for you, use Nayya’s find a provider feature. 


There are many different responsibilities of a radiologist, like being an expert consultant to your physician and using the medical images to determine the best treatment, treat diseases using radiation or therapeutic medical imaging, read the medical images and correlate findings with other exams. They also can recommend further appropriate exams and direct the radiologic technicians in using the machines. The radiologist will then review your studies and talk with your primary care physician about your reports and results. 


A typical, fast-paced day in the life of a radiologist includes interviewing patients and reading their medical records, referring patients to doctors, performing imaging procedures, and developing treatment plans. A visit to the radiologist is usually covered by most insurance plans, especially if you find an in-network provider. 


Use Nayya to determine your best plan and find a radiologist that works for you.