Learning About Disability Insurance

What You Need to Know About Disability Insurance

Whether you’re an employee or HR professional, navigating the world of employee benefits can be confusing. In this article, we cover the basics of disability insurance and how to file a disability insurance claim should you ever need to (hopefully you won’t!)


Different types of insurance plans exist to cover different needs. For example, one type of supplemental insurance is disability. Disability Insurance provides short-term benefits to those workers who have had a loss of wages due to non-work related injuries, illness, or pregnancy. One important aspect to note is that disability insurance does not cover job protection, just monetary benefits. But jobs may be protected through laws like Family and Medical Leave Act.


What Qualifies as a Disability

Any of the following occurrences would qualify one for disability insurance

●  Elective Surgery

●  Illness or injury that prevents one from doing work

●  Childbirth

●  Related medical injuries

●  Mental illness


If one gets hurt at work, those injuries are covered by workers compensation laws but Disability benefits may be paid for some work-related injuries in special circumstances.


How to File a Disability Insurance (DI) Claim

First, one must make sure that they are eligible to receive disability benefits. This means that they would’ve been unable to do regular work for at least 8 consecutive days, lost wages because of the disability, was employed or actively looking for work at the time of disability. Once the eligibility is determined, the DI claim can be filed online or in person. Remember that the claim date is the date that you became unable to work due to your injuries. The claim must be submitted within 9 to 49 days after your disability begins or else it will be considered late and you may run the risk of losing benefits. Next, your physician will certify the disability by filling out the designated portion of the form within 49 days of the claim being submitted. After that, the EDD (maybe define what this is) will determine your eligibility within 14 days and will notify you of what you may possibly earn in benefits per week.


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