Is it Safe to Get an MRI While Pregnant?

Getting MRIs While Pregnant


While doctors will try to hold off on MRI procedures during pregnancy, there have been no proven risks to getting MRI Scans while being pregnant. In fact, it is important to get an MRI during pregnancy if you are seriously ill because your health will affect the health of the baby. 


If you are looking for alternatives to MRIs there are ultrasounds, which will use soundwaves to produce images. Although, ultrasounds can only scan certain body parts. If the ultrasound doesn’t give a clear image or is not fit for where you are getting imaging, the next procedure would be an MRI. Another option may be a CT scan, however CT scans use X-ray radiation and are less preferred than an MRI or ultrasound. 


When you go for an MRI exam, you may be injected with a contrast dye to get better imaging results, but this is usually not done in an exam during pregnancy. In any case, you can trust that a radiologist, who is a doctor with expertise in medical imaging, will be consulted before any decisions are made. 

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