How Nayya Can Help Your Brokerage Team

Three Ways that Nayya Can Help Your Brokerage Team Differentiate Your Business


When your brokerage office partners with Nayya, it’s a win for everyone on your team: executives, account managers looking to add value for existing clients, producers driving new new business, and communications teams on the hunt for great tech to offer.


(1) Offer an Enterprise Experience to Mid-Market Clients: For brokers who target clients with 50 to 2,500 lives, Nayya’s technology can be an absolute game changer in terms of enrollment experience. Individual employees can truly get the personalized, curated open enrollment experience that offers the white glove experience superior to even that which a global multinational would receive. When employees can understand the value of different products, particularly core medical and ancillary products, enrollment increases almost immediately.


(2) Drive Adoption of New Offerings: Offering Nayya is a great way to dollarize value, and help with adopting newer offerings for HR leaders. Outside of open enrollment meetings, which generally only attract 20% of employees, HR leaders are left with 80% of employees not having any guidance on what decisions they’re making for them and their families. After investing seriously in new offerings (such as an HSA or fertility benefit), Nayya can offer terrific ways to drive adoption – after the HR leader and broker have undergone so much effort to offer new benefits.


(3) Offer Engagement to Clients All Year Long: Open enrollment only lasts for typically 1 month, but employees continue using benefits all year long. By offering Nayya’s Companion product, employees are given intuitive ways to find doctors, compare procedure costs, and ask questions of Edison, Nayya’s AI-driven chatbot. This results in higher-quality, lower-cost care journeys and a more positive client experience all year-round, leading to more advantageous renewal rates for clients and happier, more loyal customers for your brokerage business.


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