How Much Does an MRI Cost Under the Aetna Plan?


The Cost of an MRI Under Aetna Plans


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MRIs (magnetic resonance imaging) are powerful and useful imaging procedures help with everything from visualizing broken bones to diagnosing brain tumors. There are nearly 40 million MRI scans performed annually in the United States. One of the top-of-mind questions is how much an MRI costs. 


Aetna Standard HMO Plan

On average, an MRI will cost $480. Specifically, under an Aetna Standard HMO Plan, there is a $0 copay for diagnostic x-rays. However, for outpatient hospitals or other outpatient facilities, there is a $100 copay. This means you have a fixed payment for health services such as MRI, CAT, PET, and MRA. 


Aetna PPO Plan

If you have a Level 1 or 2 PPO plan, Aetna will pay up to $60 per diagnostic x-ray and lab procedures that are in-network. If you have a higher level PPO plan, Aetna will pay 70-80% of the cost after you hit your deductible amount, which is around $600 for an individual and $1,200 for family. 


Aetna HDHP Plan

With an HDHP plan, MRI costs will be 70% covered by Aetna after the deductible is reached, if you are using a PPO provider. 

MRI costs will also vary depending on the part of the body that is being imaged. If this all sounds complicated, go to Companion’s Cost Estimator to view clear side by side comparisons, personalized to you. It will give suggestions based on your location, travel distance and cost tradeoffs, and quality. Use it to understand the costs of other ancillary benefits as well, such as dental. To avoid any surprise bills, check the Find a Provider feature in Companion to make sure your providers are in-network. 


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