Get to Know Edison, Your New Friend

Learn About Edison, The Alexa for Navigating Healthcare and Insurance


Chatbots have a variety of purposes, seen as conversational agents capable of sounding like humans. Employing natural language processing, chatbots form what Microsoft’s Cortana, Apple’s Siri, and Google Now are. By becoming integrated into products used by millions across the world, they can help users complete simple tasks such as setting a timer, calling a friend, or shooting a text message. Here at Nayya, we were interested in seeing how we can employ this technology to assist customers with their healthcare needs.


We’ve noticed that many healthcare terms are quite confusing, and so our chatbot is trained with information from to property answer vocabulary terms. Ranging from what a deductible really is to how copays impact their policies, we’ve created a chatbot named Edison to help provide these answers immediately and in a clear manner. Edison doesn’t just stop there, greeting you as you enter the portal and most importantly, answering specific questions tailored to your circumstances.


Edison heavily uses word lemmatization and word2vec in order to properly answer each question prompted by the user, understanding questions ranging from “Who is the closest specialist” to “What is my dental insurance copay”. We draw on information saved in your Nayya health account to give you personalized information, information that you can then use to book appointments, or have a better state of mind. 


Edison reflects an extended period of engineering completed by Nayya, and we’re excited to share this with you to see how it can help you.