Building a Next Generation Planholder Experience for this Generation of American Workers

Looking Ahead to Q4, it is time to start preparing for benefits in a post-pandemic world. Young, millennial Americans are feeling the strain of rising costs and consistently poor transparency, especially when working within distributed teams.


The reality is, millennials are over 50% more concerned with financing their basic care than older employees – which is a startling revelation. Most are looking for increased information on healthcare costs, while many are skipping routine care. 


This generation lives in a different world than our predecessors. Outside of insurance and healthcare, most are used to comparison shopping for cars, homes, clothes, and even financial advisors! Bringing this same experience to the way employees choose their plan, find doctors, compare procedure costs, and finance their care should be no different – and its core to the value we drive at Nayya.


This experience really begins at the time of enrollment. As you have selected two (or even three) different medical plans and a host of different ancillary options, it can be incredibly confusing for employees to sift through the pros and cons of different options. That’s where Companion comes in, we use personalized data and education to help show employees the impact of different plans for different life events. By bringing all of this data into one place, young employees can quickly understand what people like them traditionally select, and identify areas where idiosyncrasies in their lives call for different kinds of protection. We provide these insights in a simple and transparent manner. For all the advice (e.g. financial advisors) that millennials have become accustomed to receiving, we believe that selecting and using your insurance and managing your healthcare should be no different. 


Further, with all of the noise out there, it is time that employees have a companion to help find a clear answer to health’s most challenging questions. As such a material number of millennials are on a high-deductible health plan, obtaining clear guidance the benefits of an HSA has never been more important. 


Choosing and using your insurance should be personalized, data-driven, and easy. Explore Nayya’s product, Companion, as we transform the experience for young employees across the country.