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What’s New With Use: Employee-Focused Benefits Engagement

by Taryn Anderson October 4, 2021

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It’s no secret that the American healthcare system is complicated.

You may think that after selecting insurance plans, the hardest part is over. When it comes to finding a new doctor or filing a claim, we are often left asking, now what?

At Nayya, we’re on a mission to make benefits easy. Our goal is to give everyone financial peace on their best days and confidence on their worst. It’s the reason for everything that we do and is one of our foundational principles that drives our products, including our most recent additions.

What is Use?

After enrolling in their employer-sponsored health benefits, employees may not fully understand what their benefits actually entail. This is where Use comes into play. Use is Nayya’s year-round engagement-focused platform designed to empower employees when it comes to utilizing their health and wellness benefits. Through Use, Nayya helps consumers better understand their benefits and take full advantage of them through personalized recommendations and AI-automated claims assistance. Use simplifies the entire process to give consumers much-needed support when making healthcare decisions for themselves and their families.

With Use, we are taking a consumer-centric approach to reinventing benefits navigation.

What’s new with Use?

At Nayya, we’re continuously evolving our platform to provide consumer-first, best-in-class solutions that help consumers more effectively choose and use their benefits. Here is a quick rundown of what’s new and what’s to come for our users.

Easy access to care and wellness

To further our goal of helping consumers access individualized care, we’ve super-charged our provider search feature by adding more robust functionalities, allowing for increased personalization and ease of use. We enhanced our search criteria to allow our users to seek out in-network providers that specialize in specific conditions, procedures, clinical areas, or treatments. For example, if a user was struggling with “back pain”, that’s all they would have to search to return a list of highly-rated, in-network specialists who treat the condition.Nayya Find A Provider Dashboard

Providers are also ranked by cost and quality scores that are modeled from real-life, anonymized medical claims. This data-driven approach towards care steerage ensures users are paired with the best doctors for them. You can even get a second opinion through Find a Provider. We’re giving people the confidence to make healthcare decisions knowing they will receive exceptional care, without breaking the bank.

The Nayya Care Team, powered by AI

Powered by Nayya’s recommendation engine, users are provided with their very own Care Team– a roster of highly-rated, cost-effective, and quality-centric providers tailored to an individual user’s needs and preferences. This team is populated with in-network doctors that align with a specific user’s personal needs for preventative care. Nayya Care Team

Customized based on gender and healthcare needs, this team will include PCP, ObGyn, Dental, and Optometry providers along with other specialists. The Care Team is also fully customizable, meaning users can add or remove providers as they please. The Care Team is our answer to the stress of seeking care. By providing an easily accessible shortlist of recommended providers, we’re taking the burden off consumers of finding the right provider for their needs.

Your very own Wellness Checklist

Preventative care reduces the risks of the most common chronic diseases faced by Americans, but millions of people aren’t seeking this crucial care even though it will most likely be low or no cost for them. When the steps forward are clearly laid out, people are that much more likely to proactively engage with their benefits.

With the Wellness Checklist, we are encouraging users to take full advantage of preventative care opportunities while staying in-network. This includes reminders to schedule routine health screenings and follow-up appointments among other healthcare housekeeping items.

Design that echoes our values

At Nayya we know how complicated healthcare can be. As your trusted guide, we help make this experience simpler through our platform design – personalized for you, easy to navigate, and intuitively organized to provide a delightful user experience.

Your Nayya experience starts at your very own, personalized dashboard. Your dashboard neatly organizes and curates your healthcare landscape from your deductible spend-till date to your Nayya generated savings opportunities. Soon, we’ll add your Wellness Checklist progress, as well as your personalized Care Team so that you have a more holistic view of your healthcare journey!

Like a GPS for users navigating their benefits, Nayya helps employees leverage the full power of their company’s benefits solutions. For employees, we’re not only simplifying the in-network care experience from end to end, but we’re also changing the way they approach their benefits.

When employees win, employers win.

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